Alejandra Hernández (1989, Bogotá, Colombia)  

Her practice is mainly focused in human relationships, relations with the natural world, on the self as well as on the others, this practice is enriched by getting to know different cultures, religions, traditions, art and crafts, which she often combines, depicting situations in otherworldly realms.  On the other hand, she has an ongoing project which consists on painting live portraits of people she meets. This would be the more mundane branch of her work, rooted in experience and in being present with the other. Slowly these different ways of perceiving start to merge as a mirror of the inner-spiritual world and the outer-physical one. A mélange of the possible universes and dream-like characters in her portraits are a reflection of the self, of the time we live in as well as of those things that make us all human and which go beyond the social constructs that insist on generating divisions and feelings of otherness among people.



2016                            Candidate laureate, HISK (Higher Institute of fine Arts), Ghent, Belgium
2014                            MFA in painting, KASK School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium.
2012                            Bachelor in Visual Arts, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, Colombia.


Residencies/ Upcoming 

2018                           Residency at Mayeur Projects, Las Vegas (NM), United States from July to September

2016                           La Escocesa / Exchange program with HISK, Barcelona, Cataluña, September.


Solo Exhibitions


2018                            Maybe I am a lost soul, but I like this place, Mayeur Projects, Las Vegas (NM), United States.
2017                           People in the room, Island, Brussels, Belgium.
2016                           Latent presences, La Veronica Galleria at Art-o-rama, Marseille, France
                                  Domestic Wildlife, Mieke Van Shaijk Gallery, Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
                                  Fantastic Whereabouts, De Queeste Gallery, Abele, Belgium.
                                  Keep my treasures where I can see them, Galleria LaVeronica, Modica,  Italy.
2015                         Tesoro encontrado, KB Espacio para la cultura, Bogotá, Colombia

Selected group exhibitions

2018                             Perspectieven N1, De Queeste Gallery, Abele, Belgium.
                                     HOTEL EUROPAContinent des anecdotes, Le 26, Brussels, Belgium
2017                            Cigarros y goma de mascar, Más allá, Bogota, Colombia.
                                    Si hay Bizcocho, Galeria 12:00, Bogotá, Colombia.
 2016                           Summer in the city, Christine König Galerie, Vienna, Austria.
                                    I like what I see and how it makes me feel, Hollybush Gardens, London, UK.
                                    A perfect storm for business, The Governor’s Mansion, Ghent, Belgium.
                                    Balls & Glory, Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
                                   Atlantis Na Plato, Croxhapox, Ghent, Belgium.
 2015                          Salon 1030, Private exhibition, Brussels, Belgium.
                                   A cozy mystery with bite, Greylight Projects , Brussels, Belgium.
                                   Capital Artists, Brussels Art Institute, Brussels, Belgium
2014                           Masters Salon 2014, Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.
                                  Fantasmas, Rat trap, Bogota, Colombia.
                                  La Vie mode d’emploi, Zwaarte Zaal, Ghent, Belgium.
                                  Graphic Interchange Format Indianapolis, General Public Collective, Indianapolis,US.
2013                          Exhibition paintings on paper, Galeria Hortus,Trento, Italy.
                                  Graphics Interchange Format, Espacio 101,Bogotá, Colombia
                                  Painting Exhibition, Croxhapox ,Gent, Belgium.
                                  BIT-MAP, A Moment of Action, Zwart Wild- Collective, Gent, Belgium.
                                  Home Sweet Homeless,  Zwarte Zaal, Gent, Belgium.
2012                          La Ocasión, Sótano 30/45, Bogotá, Colombia.
                                 Como pan caliente, Espacio 101, Bogotá, Colombia.
                                 Caras Vemos, Galeria 12:00, Bogotá, Colombia.
                                 Elegía a Jaime Molina, LA Galeria Bogotá, Colombia
2011                         PST, Espacio 101, Bogotá, Colombia
2010                        Festival Yavería , Galeria ¼ de arte, Bogotá, Colombia.
                               X Salón Javeriano, Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Centre, Bogotá, Colombia.
                               La Otra- Contemporary Creative Processes, Continental plaza Bogotá, Colombia.
2009                       Rellena, National University Faculty of Design,  Bogotá, Colombia.
                              IX Salón Javeriano, Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Centre, Bogotá, Colombia.
                             Javier y Ana, La redada Cultural centre, Bogotá, Colombia.

Awards and competitions:

2015                     Komask: Masters Salon 2014, Koninjlijke Akademie voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp, Belgium-  Mention of Honor.